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safeHands #1 Alcohol-Free Foam Hand Sanitizer (208ml)
100% Cotton Fabric Mask with Filter Slot - Adult/ Kid *PO #10 Delivery after 2 July*
Petite Homewear - Teddy Bear Singlet Up to 140cm (Set of 3)
Petite Homewear - Teddy Bear Shorts Up to 140cm (Set of 3)
Gerrard Gingham Cotton Pyjamas - Navy/ Beige/ Green
Petite Homewear - Bunny Singlet Up to 140cm (Set of 3)
Petite Homewear - Bunny Shorts Up to 140cm (Set of 3)
Petite Activity Apron - Belle
Petite Activity Apron - Snow White
Petite Activity Apron - Caramel the Fox
*PO Closes 19 Apr* Snow Gem Tulle Dress - Blue/ White (Up to 130cm)
*PO Closes 19 Apr*  Cassandra Cascading Dress - Pink/ Mustard/ Blue (Up to 130cm)

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We believe in comfortable yet whimsical outfits that Kids can be Kids in. Every piece in our collection is hand-picked to ensure quality and delight, consciously with our little customers in mind. Our most-loved items include Mama & Me Twinning, Tulle Dresses and Swimwear. ShopMonbebe is also proud to launch our exclusive handmade Princess Dress range – Enchanted.

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