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Choose from gorgeous embroidery fabrics, classic florals and checks to whimsical prints!

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19 results
*LIMITED INSTOCKS* Oriental Embroidery Tulle Cheongsam (with sling bag)
*LIMITED INSTOCKS* Oriental Embroidery Classic Cheongsam (Up to 120cm)
*LIMITED INSTOCKS* Momo Bunny Cheongsam (Up to 140cm)
*LIMITED INSTOCKS* Aki Pups Cheongsam (Up to 140cm)
*LIMITED INSTOCKS* Akemi Neko Cheongsam (Up to 150cm)
*LIMITED INSTOCKS* Rustic Floral Fields Cheongsam (Up to 130cm)
*LIMITED INSTOCKS* Pop Floral Fields Cheongsam (Up to 130cm)
Sold Out
*LIMITED INSTOCKS* Twinning Retro Checks Cheongsam (Up to Mama XXL)
Playful Prints Cheongsam - Bunnies (Up to 150cm)
Ying Tulle Cheongsam (Up to 140cm)
Sold Out
Peony Cheongsam Dress (Up to 140cm)
Bunny Embroidery Cheongsam Top + Skirt (Up to 140cm)
Camellia Cheongsam Tulle Dress (Up to 140cm)
Classic Lace Cheongsam (Up to 140cm) - Scarlet/ Pink
LUXE Orient Odyssey - NAMI SHORTS SET (Lilac/ Red/ Yellow)
LUXE Orient Odyssey - JEJU Shirt (Red/ Yellow)
LUXE Orient Odyssey - TOKYO Shirt
LUXE Orient Odyssey - HIMA (Red/ Blush)
LUXE Orient Odyssey - NARA (Red/ Yellow)