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35 results
Ying Tulle Cheongsam (Up to 140cm)
Peony Cheongsam Dress (Up to 140cm)
Bunny Embroidery Cheongsam Top + Skirt (Up to 140cm)
Camellia Cheongsam Tulle Dress (Up to 140cm)
Azaleas Maxi Kimono - Red/ Pink (Up to 130cm)
Celestine Kimono Maxi (Up to 150cm)
Fairy Flutter Oriental Dress - Green/ Pink (Up to 140cm)
Ombre Cheongsam (Up to 140cm)
Blossom Kimono Dress (Up to 130cm)
Lotus Bow Cheongsam - Green/ Pink/ Red (Up to 140cm)
Up to 150cm - Rainbow Tulle Kimono Dress
Classic Gingham Cheongsam - Red/ Blue (up to 140cm)
Classic Lace Cheongsam (Up to 140cm) - Scarlet/ Pink
Pastel Kimono (Pink/ Blue) - Up to 130cm
Pearlyn Embroidery Collar Cheongsam (Up to 140cm)
Vivienne Butterfly Tulle *Premium* (Up to 130cm)
Ling Oriental Tulle Dress  (Up to 160cm)
Playful Prints Cheongsam - Blossom (Up to 150cm)
Playful Prints Cheongsam - Pastel Pisces (Up to 140cm)
Playful Prints Cheongsam - Bunnies (Up to 150cm)
Playful Prints Cheongsam - Golden Ray (Up to 150cm)
Playful Prints Cheongsam - Citrus Love (Up to 140cm)
Playful Prints Cheongsam - Melody (Up to 150cm)
Premium Prints Cheongsam - Secret Garden (Up to 165cm)
Premium Prints Cheongsam - Wonderland (Up to 165cm)
Oriental Orchids (Up to 140cm) - Red/ Yellow
Playful Prints Cheongsam - Olive Bouquet (Up to 150cm)
Playful Prints Cheongsam - Magenta Fields (Up to 150cm)
Playful Prints Cheongsam - Cherry Blossoms (Up to 150cm)
Danni Pink Cheongsam (Up to 130cm)
Unicorn Skirt Set (Blouse/ Halter) - up to 150cm
*Premium* Penelope Unicorn Dress (Up to 150cm)
Christabelle Fairy Tulle Dress (UP to 160cm)
Jude Summer Suit (90 to 160cm)
Jake Summer Suit - Blue Grey/ Maroon (90-150cm)