Petite Bebe

The cutest outfits for our littlest ones. Check out this section for newborn to 24 months.
Petite Bebe
48 results
Floral Embroidery Romper
Bearie Love Romper (Up to 80cm)
Little Prince Long Sleeved Romper + Crown Headband (Up to 80cm)
Gabriel Smart 4 piece-set (Up to 100cm)
Corey Bow Tie Romper + Shorts Set - Pink Checks / White
Daniel Dino 4-piece set (Up to 90cm)
Thaddeus Tuxedo Romper (Up to 80cm)
Bow Tie Romper (Up to 90cm)
Candy Ruffle Romper (Up to 90cm)
Jesse Embroidery Tulle Dress (up to 110cm)
Jasmine Floral Embroidery Tulle (Pink/ White) - Up to 120cm
Vivienne Butterfly Tulle *Premium* (Up to 130cm)
Pink Sparkly Tulle Dress (Up to 115cm)
Elora Tulle Cupcake Dress (Up to 120cm)
Roses Tulle Swimsuit (Up to 135cm)
Shark & Stripes - Blue/ Pink (Up to 135cm)
Hummingbird Tulle Swimsuit (Up to 135cm)
Coco Tulle Baby Romper (Up to 90cm)
Shark Tales Swimsuit (Up to 130cm)
Llama Swimsuit (Up to 120cm)
Princess 100% Cotton Romper Set (Snow White/ Little Mermaid/ Pink Rapunzel)
Giselle Gingham Tulle (Up to 120cm)
Sunshine Romper (Up to 90cm)
Hummingbird Sleeved Swimsuit (Up to 135cm)
Peach Sundae Halter Swimsuit
Germaine Tulle Dress (Up to 115cm)
Bunny Forest (Up to 120cm)
Amelia Tiered Dress (Up to 130cm)
Ma Cherie Tulle Romper (White/ Pink)
Baby Shark Peekaboo Swimsuit
Angelica Cupcake Dress (Up to 110cm)
Malibu Tulle (Up to 105cm)
Lilac Princess Tulle (Up to 105cm)
Shark Tales Rashguard Set (Up to 140cm)
Llama 2-piece Rashguard Set (Up to 130cm)
Mermaid Tulle Swimsuit - comes with cap and headband (Up to 120cm)
48 results