Petite Lounge

Monbebe's lounge-wear collection focuses on comfort - for a good night's rest, or simply to relax in with your favourite Netflix drama. 

Premium fabric and finishes have been used to ensure absolute comfort - relax in soft Cotton nightgowns with lace detailing that does not irritate your LO's skin.

*Please note that this is a pre-order item. It will take minimally 21 working days from order confirmation for this item to arrive. Please DM us if you need the item urgently.

Petite Lounge
10 results
Ryleigh Twinning Long Sleeved Pyjamas (Up to Mama XL)
Fayette Long Nightgown (Up to 150cm)
Laurie Twinning Frilled Pjyamas (up to Mama XL)
Alethea Twinning Robe (Up to Mama XL)
Princess Avery Lace Nightgown Long Sleeved (Up to 140cm)
Priscilla Cotton Day Dress (Up to 150cm)
Princess Tricia Lace Shorts Set (Up to 150cm)
Princess Lily Twinning Lace Day Dress (Up to Mama Size L)
Ryleigh Short Sleeved Pyjamas - Pink/ Powder Blue (Up to 150cm)
Princess Celia Lace Shorts Set (Up to 140cm)