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Elsa Lace Dress *Limited* - Short/ Long Sleeves (100-150cm)
Baby Snow White - LIMITED 5 pieces size 80cm only
Snow White Velvet Dress (Up to 140cm)
Princess 100% Cotton Romper Set (Snow White/ Little Mermaid/ Pink Rapunzel)
Pastel Princess Tulle - Up to 140cm
Unicorn Skirt Set (Blouse/ Halter) - up to 150cm
Cinderella Gown (Up to 150cm)
Harry Character Outfit (Up to 140cm)
Glittering Mermaid Swimsuit with Bow
Mermaid Tulle Swimsuit - comes with cap and headband (Up to 120cm)
Belle Prom Dress (Up to 130cm)
Snow White Knit Dress (Up to 130cm)