NEW IN - we added Christmas designs!

CHRISTMAS FINAL PRE-ORDER OPEN - closing 5 DEC 2020, 23:59. Delivery is scheduled from 21 Dec onwards.

Dream up your own fantasy in our Petite Activity Aprons, the perfect companion for your Stay Home activities. Be it baking treats, crafting or simply play pretend, our cotton fabric aprons help protect your outfits and add a touch of fantasy. We also have Twinning apron options for Moms who want to surprise their little ones in the same apron!

Our petite activity aprons also versatile gifts for boys and girls. Send us a DM and we can include a note on your behalf!

Please note all aprons are handmade upon order and will take minimally 21 working days to be delivered.  

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Princess Lace Dress *Limited* - Short/ Long Sleeves (100-150cm)
Princess 100% Cotton Romper Set (Snow White/ Little Mermaid/ Pink Rapunzel)
Glittering Mermaid Swimsuit with Bow