Swim Essentials Girl

Swim Essentials Girl
29 results
Vintage Rose Swimsuit (Up to 140cm)
Roses Sleeved Swimsuit (Up to 135cm)
Glittering Mermaid Swimsuit with Bow
Roses Tulle Swimsuit (Up to 135cm)
Surfing Rash Guard Set (85 -150cm) - White/ Pink
Mermaid Tulle Swimsuit - comes with cap and headband (Up to 120cm)
Chirp Chirp Swimsuit + Cap (Up to 115cm)
Unicorn Towel Poncho
Hummingbird Tulle Swimsuit (Up to 135cm)
Etoile Rash Guard Set (Up to 140cm)
Unicorn Rash Guard (90-130cm)
Pink Flamingo Rash Guard
Peach Sundae Halter Swimsuit
Powder Pink Stripes Swimsuit
Hummingbird Sleeved Swimsuit (Up to 135cm)
Summertime Rash Guard (Up to 155cm)
Swan Lake Swimsuit - White/ Black (80-130cm)
Sweet Sailor Swimsuit
Mermaid Towel Poncho
Stripes & Stars Toga Swimsuit (Up to 125cm)
Ocean Deep Swimsuit (Up to 125cm)
Lilac Unicorn Swimsuit (Up to 125cm)
Dino Dreams (Up to 130cm)
*NEW* Gingham Aqua Flutter Sleeves (Up to 120cm)
*NEW* Dottie Flutter Sleeves Swimsuit (Up to 130cm)
*NEW* Gingham Aqua Toga Swimsuit (Up to 140cm)
*NEW* Aqua Unicorn Tulle Swimsuit (Up to 125cm)
*NEW* Classic Flutter Sleeves Swimsuit - Peach/ Seafoam Green  (Up to 130cm)
*NEW* Classic Strawberry Dreams Swimsuit - White/ Peach  (Up to 120cm)