Swim Essentials Girl

Swim Essentials Girl
34 results
Roses Sleeved Swimsuit (Up to 135cm)
Glittering Mermaid Swimsuit with Bow
Roses Tulle Swimsuit (Up to 135cm)
Surfing Rash Guard Set (85 -150cm) - White/ Pink
Mermaid Tulle Swimsuit - comes with cap and headband (Up to 120cm)
Blinky Monster Cut-out Swimsuit (Up to 120cm)
Chirp Chirp Swimsuit + Cap (Up to 115cm)
Unicorn Towel Poncho
Hummingbird Tulle Swimsuit (Up to 135cm)
Etoile Rash Guard Set (Up to 140cm)
Unicorn Rash Guard (90-130cm)
Pink Flamingo Rash Guard
Peach Sundae Halter Swimsuit
Powder Pink Stripes Swimsuit
Hummingbird Sleeved Swimsuit (Up to 135cm)
Summertime Rash Guard (Up to 155cm)
Frilly Block Swimsuit (Navy/Purple up to 155cm)
Polly Polka Dotted One-piece Swimsuit (Up to Mama Size) *Great for twinning*
Swan Lake Swimsuit - White/ Black (80-130cm)
Sweet Sailor Swimsuit
Mermaid Towel Poncho
Stripes & Stars Toga Swimsuit (Up to 125cm)
Bonjour SwimSuit - Blue/ Red (Up to 130cm)
Merry Melon Swimsuit + Cap
Ocean Deep Swimsuit (Up to 125cm)
Lilac Unicorn Swimsuit (Up to 125cm)
Dino Dreams (Up to 130cm)
Kitty Long Sleeved Rashguard Set (Up to 140cm)
*NEW* Gingham Aqua Flutter Sleeves (Up to 120cm)
*NEW* Dottie Flutter Sleeves Swimsuit (Up to 130cm)
*NEW* Gingham Aqua Toga Swimsuit (Up to 140cm)
*NEW* Pink Ice Cream Rashguard Swimsuit (Up to 130cm)
*NEW* Aqua Unicorn Tulle Swimsuit (Up to 125cm)
*NEW* Classic Flutter Sleeves Swimsuit - Peach/ Seafoam Green  (Up to 130cm)