Tweens (7-14 year old)

Outgrew cartoons and fluffy dresses, but not quite a teenager yet? Specially tailored for Tweens, taking into consideration their active lfestyles!
Tweens (7-14 year old)
36 results
Whatever Tshirt Dress (90 - 165cm) *Great for Twinning!
Boho Chic Dress (110cm - 165cm)
Freida Checkered Skirt - Blue/ Black (Up to Mama Size L)
Ava Island Hop Dress (Up to Mama Size) *Great for twinning*
Miley Golden Ray Dress (110 - 165cm)
Kaitlyn Long Dress (Up to Mama Size)
Leia Long Dress (Up to Mama Size)
Relaxed Fit Dungaree (100 - 160cm)
Eva Denim Culottes (120-165cm)
Merci Tshirt + Culottes Set (120 - 170cm)
Flounce Sleeve Blouse
Harper Cross-back Dress *Great for twinning
Melissa Long Dress (Up to Mama size) *Great for twinning*
Sierra Full Circle Swing Dress (Up to Mama Size) *Great for twinning*
Blaire Polka Dot Dress (Up to Mama Size) *Great for twinning*
Georgia Off-shoulder Dress (Up to Mama Size) *Great for twinning*
Lauren Lace Dress (Up to 160cm)
Unicorn Ruffles *Great for Twinning* - Up to Mama L
Lyra Starry Skirt (Up to Mama Size)
Bonjour Tee + Skirt Set - Black/ Blue (90cm to Mama size L)
Jude Summer Suit (90 to 160cm)
Peony Cheongsam Dress (Up to 140cm)
Bunny Embroidery Cheongsam Top + Skirt (Up to 140cm)
Camellia Cheongsam Tulle Dress (Up to 140cm)
Mia Scarlet Twinning Dress (90cm to Mama free size)
Emma Polka Dot Midi Twinning Dress (90cm to Mama M)
Piper Drop-waist Dress (Up to 160cm)
Belinda Cold-Shoulder Cotton Dress - Pink/ White (Up to 160cm)
Alethea Twinning Robe (Up to Mama XL)
Princess Avery Lace Nightgown Long Sleeved (Up to 140cm)
Ryleigh Twinning Long Sleeved Pyjamas (Up to Mama XL)
Laurie Twinning Frilled Pjyamas (up to Mama XL)
Princess Celia Lace Shorts Set (Up to 140cm)
Sweet Heart Trendy Slouchy Jeans (Up to 165cm)
Claudia Camo Tulle Skirt & Tee Twinning (Up to 170cm)
*New Arrival* Georgina Twinning Floral Dress (Up to Mama L)