Tweens (7-14 year old)

Outgrew cartoons and fluffy dresses, but not quite a teenager yet? Specially tailored for Tweens, taking into consideration their active lfestyles!
Tweens (7-14 year old)
89 results
Whatever Tshirt Dress (90 - 165cm) *Great for Twinning!
Boho Chic Dress (110cm - 165cm)
Freida Checkered Skirt - Blue/ Black (Up to Mama Size L)
Ava Island Hop Dress (Up to Mama Size) *Great for twinning*
Miley Golden Ray Dress (110 - 165cm)
Aubrey Jumpsuit (Up to 160cm)
Kaitlyn Long Dress (Up to Mama Size)
Billie Premium Ballerina Tulle (Up to 150cm)
Cassie Jumper Dress (120 - 165cm)
Midnight Panelled Dress (110 - 160cm)
Azurine Panelled Dress (Up to 165cm)
*Premium* Shemay Tulle Dress (Up to 140cm)
Leia Long Dress (Up to Mama Size)
Relaxed Fit Dungaree (100 - 160cm)
Eva Denim Culottes (120-165cm)
Merci Tshirt + Culottes Set (120 - 170cm)
Tasha Crisscross Summer Dress (Up to 160cm)
Fairy Layered Tulle Dress (120 - 165cm)
Flounce Sleeve Blouse
Felicity Pink Cold Shoulder Top
Scarlette Everyday Dress (Up to 165cm)
Amber Panelled Dress (Up to 150cm)
Charlotte Lace Dress (Up to 160cm)
Harper Cross-back Dress *Great for twinning
Starry Night Tulle Dress - Sleeveless/ Long Sleeve (Up to 150cm)
Laura Embroidery Dress - Peach/ Navy (Up to 160cm)
Lorraine Layered Tube Dress (Up to mama size) *Great for twinning*
Melissa Long Dress (Up to Mama size) *Great for twinning*
Mabel 2-piece Skirt Set (Up to 165cm) *Great for twinning*
Sierra Full Circle Swing Dress (Up to Mama Size) *Great for twinning*
Blaire Polka Dot Dress (Up to Mama Size) *Great for twinning*
Sora Cotton Linen Dress (Up to Size Mama Size 170) *Great for twinning*
Georgia Off-shoulder Dress (Up to Mama Size) *Great for twinning*
Lindsey Getaway Dress (Up to Mama Size) *Great for twinning*
Estella Starry Tulle Skirt (Up to 140cm)
Azure Panelled Dress (Mama Sizes)
89 results