Shopmonbebe Childrenswear & Kidswear Care Instructions

- Hand wash me with mild detergent before first wear
- Use a laundry bag to protect me against rumbles and tumbles in the washer
- If possible, wash me and other children clothing separate from adult clothing

Tulle Dresses
- Only soft quality tulle is used, which means I am delicate. Please hand wash me gently with mild detergent
- Do not place me in the washing machine, even with a laundry bag. Zips and hooks can catch onto the tulle and make me run!

- Please rinse me immediately after wear as excessive chlorine will reduce my life span
- Hand wash me with a mild detergent and room-temperature water for longevity
- I don’t get along with the washing machine or dryer
- Very gently wring me and dry me in the shade
- I have been carefully selected for my quality though some fashion colours might run during first few washes