Shopmonbebe Reusable Cotton Fabric Masks FAQ

Can I machine wash my mask?

  • No - we recommend gentle hand washing with a mild fabric detergent. Do not use bleach or stain removers on fabric. Do not soak the masks in water for extended periods.
  • Gently use your fingers to massage out any stains or dirt. 
  • Gently squeeze water out, avoiding the nose bridge wire-frame area.
  • Hang to dry and ensure mask is completely dry before storage. For Satin mask clothes peg should not be used directly on satin exterior to avoid leaving marks.

How can I adjust the mask ear loops for a better fit?

  • Your mask may seem to be very loose when you try them on - this is because the ear loops have been kept intentionally longer, to allow for adjustment.
  • Simply untie the ear loop (you can use a needle to help u), and re-tie them according to your preference.

How often should I replace my fabric mask?

  • We recommend changing your masks after 30 washes - this is due to expected wear and tear to the fabric mask, and there are components which are delicate e.g. ear straps and nose bridge wire.

How many masks do I need per person?

  • We suggest having 4-5 masks on rotation per person, and it is always advisable to carry at least one spare.
  • It is good practice to change to a clean mask once it is damp from perspiration. We recommend washing your used masks daily.

Can you expedite my order?

  • All masks are lovingly handmade after the pre-order is closed.
  • Delivery will be strictly based on pre-order schedule. Please note local courier can take up to 5 working days after parcel has been handed over to them.