LIMITED EDITION - Gaga Monster Fabric Mask *INSTOCK*


We adore these monster prints - in a slow absorbing cotton fabric, which doesn't absorb water immediately like regular cotton. Mask is 4-ply - exterior is slow-absorption cotton fabric, inner is our usual 3-ply cotton. 

Available in both Adult, Child (3-8 yr old) and Baby sizes, please do not hesitate as we have very, very limited pieces. Please note  print placement is not 100% per sample mask - we cut the fabric to enhance overall aesthetics. We do not take in request for any specific print placements.

Our masks are handmade and there will be 1-2cm differences in measurements; however this should not affect the fit. All orders are strictly non-refundable and we also do not allow exchanges due to hygiene. 

* We are unable to entertain requests to exchange mask designs for orders that have been placed.

We have been working with our Tailoring Partner on non-medical fabric masks that can be reused on a daily basis - with over 20 classic and whimsical prints, there is a design (or two!) for everyone. Twin with your little ones or have the entire family in matching masks.

Fabric Mask Features:

- Two-way protection - protects wearer against particles and dust in environment, and prevents large particles expelled by wearer from reaching the environment.

- Prevents wearer from touching their face directly.

- 4-ply cloth with a Filter Slot, providing an option for additional protection

- Thin & Removable Nose Bridge Wire. Baby mask does not include nose wire.

- Reusable. Simply wash with a gentle detergent. Do not place in washing machine.

- Measurements provided are based on maximum curvature, and not flat-lay. Please note that our masks are hand-made - do allow for 1-2cm differences in measurements.

 *Please note that cloth masks are not medical devices.