Limited Edition Imported 100% Cotton 4-ply Mask *PO #1 - Ships from 23 Oct*


Shop our limited curated collection of imported 100% cotton 4-ply fabric masks! From whimsical unicorns to vintage florals prints, there is something for everyone!

Please note print placement is not 100% per sample mask - each mask will be cut enhance overall aesthetics. If there is a character in thee print, each mask will have minimum of one character e.g. one unicorn or one Pooh. We do not take in request for any specific print placements.

Please only join the pre-order if you are comfortable with the delivery timing. Your masks may be delivered earlier or later depending on logistics. 

Our masks are handmade and there will be 1-2cm differences in measurements; however this should not affect the fit. All orders are strictly non-refundable and we also do not allow exchanges due to hygiene. 

* We are unable to entertain requests to exchange mask designs for orders that have been placed.

Fabric Mask Features:

- Two-way protection - protects wearer against particles and dust in environment, and prevents large particles expelled by wearer from reaching the environment.

- Prevents wearer from touching their face directly.

- 4-ply cloth with a Filter Slot, providing an option for additional protection

- Thin & Removable Nose Bridge Wire. Baby mask does not include nose wire.

- Reusable. Simply wash with a gentle detergent. Do not place in washing machine.

- Measurements provided are based on maximum curvature, and not flat-lay. Please note that our masks are hand-made - do allow for 1-2cm differences in measurements.

 *Please note that cloth masks are not medical devices.