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Limited Embroidery Cotton Mask MIFFY



3 designs available:

- Classic Miffy BLACK (white embroidery on black waterproof cotton)

- Classic Miffy WHITE (black embroidery on white waterproof cotton)

-  Miffy Magic Dots (embroidery on 100% cotton with light grey dots)

We do not take further customization e.g. choice of fabrics, side of mask to place embroidery on, etc. Please note items are handmade individually and there might be 1-2cm difference in measurements and very minor embroidery differences.

Reusable Mask Features:
- Two-way protection - protects wearer against particles and dust in environment, and prevents large particles expelled by wearer from reaching the environment.
- Prevents wearer from touching their face directly.
- 4-ply cloth with a Filter Slot, providing an option for additional protection
- Thin Nose Bridge Wire
- 100% Cotton for comfort
- Reusable. Simply wash with a gentle detergent.
- Adult & Kids Sizes (3 -8 year old)
 *Please note that cloth masks are not medical devices.