Limited Embroidery Cotton Mask KITTY & FRIENDS *INSTOCK*


Items are instock and will ship in 3 working days or per latest pre-order date in your order. 

    Choose from 2 designs - Princess Kitty available in pink or white fabric, or XOXO Mono available in black or white fabric. I thought my heart would be only with Princess Kitty, but XOXO turned out to be so cool and chic too! And yes we hear you - child sizes (3-8 yr old) are available too for this series! 

    Featuring our intricate embroidery and produced by same Tailor who hand-makes our signature Enchanted Princess range. Zoom in on our pictures to appreciate the embroidery details. 

    As usual our masks are made of 100% cotton for comfort. Our fabric masks also include a filter slot (optional to add a filter) and a thin nose-bridge frame for a better fit.  Please note items are handmade individually and there might be 1-2cm difference in measurements and very minor embroidery differences.


    We have been working with our Tailoring partner on non-medical fabric masks that can be reused on a daily basis - this can help alleviate the stress of surgical mask supply chain (Let's help preserve the supply for our Frontliners in Healthcare and Essential Services as they really need them). Glad to be able to introduce these cotton masks, especially when the government is strongly encouraging the use of mask to slow down the spread of Covid-19. Early data suggest that many who are infected by Covid-19 are not symptomatic, which is why Governments & Health Bodies are recommending to use cloth face coverings plus physical distancing for essential activities. 

    - Two-way protection - protects wearer against particles and dust in environment, and prevents large particles expelled by wearer from reaching the environment.

    - Prevents wearer from touching their face directly.

    - 4-ply cloth with a Filter Slot, providing an option for additional protection

    - Thin & Removable Nose Bridge Wire

    - 100% Cotton for comfort

    - Reusable. Simply wash with a gentle detergent.

    - Adult & Kids Sizes (3 -8 year old)

     *Please note that cloth masks are not medical devices.