PRE-ORDER 2-in-1 Sunhat + Detachable Shield (NB to 10 yr old)


By popular demand, we are bringing in a quality protective sunhat, with a face shield. Please note that the shield is made of EVA plastic, and not PVC which is used by cheaper options in the market. The hat is made of cotton and comfortable for kids and adults.

This baby shark print is gender neutral and comes in 2 colors. The white version has 2 options - one which has a standard hat with full cotton fabric, and another which has mesh for extra ventilation.

Size Reference: Please measure your child's head and add 2cm to get the final size to order. Age is for reference only. For example, if your child's head is 50cm, you should order a hat that is (50cm + 2cm) 52cm.

*Please note all items are on pre-order and will take minimally 21 working days from order confirmation for items to arrive.