X'mas Best-Seller Set - Satin Luxe + SafeHands + Tote Bag set *Delivery from 25 Nov*


X’mas Best-Seller Set – a collection of all our best-sellers in an adorable tote bag! We will pop in a gift card – you are all set for gifting! A super nice gift for your friends or even colleagues!

  1. Satin Luxe Mask ($16.90) – needs no introduction, its our Number 1 best-selling mask. Premium Satin exterior and 3-ply soft cotton inner lining. Versatile and matches with all outfits, be it casual or work. Comes with a mask filter slot too!
  2. SafeHands Alcohol-Free Foaming Sanitizer ($21.90)
    • Only PATENTED alcohol-free hand sanitizer formula on the market.
    • Great for young children and adults with sensitive skin. Leaves hands feeling soft as it works with natural oils of skin to moisturize skin.
    • Made in USA - FDA active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride killing 99.9% germs
    • Huge 208ml bottle – great for use in your nursery, in your car.
    • Please note we will be giving Fresh Linen or Unscented at random.
  3. Monbebe Tote Bag ($4.90) – great size for use as a lunch bag or when you are running errands!
  4. Gift card